WHILE OTHER FACE SERUMS USE WATER, additives that can cause skin irritations, and are ineffective; our all natural anti - aging oil will only nourish, plump up, improve elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, and will make your skin feel great! Also helps with treatment of Psoriasis, Eczema, and other skin irritations. USE ONLY A FEW DROPS! A little goes a long way with our Oil Serum. Our serum helps plump up and hydrate your skin and is an excellent addition to anyone’s skin care daily routine, regardless of their age – you won’t even need to apply moisturizer after! This is a great Anti Wrinkle Facial Oil! POWERFUL & DRASTIC ADVANCED FORMULA! Our serum was specially designed to deter excessive aging for Men and Women, improve your skin’s elasticity, and significantly reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Plus, it will help prevent further skin damage such as sun spots and dark circles! You can also use this Anti Wrinkle Filler with makeup. ONLY THE FINEST INGREDIENTS FOR YOU! Our number one priority is your satisfaction, that’s why we strive to offer you the best quality skin care products your money can buy. This luxurious all natural nutrient packed anti - aging oil will simply shock you with the results.  It Visibly diminishes the signs of aging and lightens pigmentation. It restores firmness and eliminates fine lines. It gives the skin a satin-smooth texture and helps to increase collagen production.  With an effective essential oil blend and moisturizing oils that we perfected this will give you that youthful glow you have been craving.  



Lux Anti - Aging Rose Oil

  • 2 oz